guess who’s back!!

Yes, I have returned after what seems like a hiatus. It actually was a summer break, which I wasn’t initially planning to do. The original plan is that I would post every week during the summer, but I lose every ounce of productivity (which isn’t nearly a lot at all) during the summer, and I just decided to wait to start it back up when school starts again. I probably should have┬ámade a post explaining this, but like I said; I lose every ounce of productivity in the summer. So I’m back and I will be posting every Monday and Wednesday some time in the afternoon. If I’m feeling productive, I might post in the morning.

Some updates in my life lately:

I just started my sophomore year of high school, so that’s great.

I am attempting (for the 8th time) to get somewhat organized this school year. So far it’s working but again, I’ve tried 8 times in the past and it doesn’t seem like it wants to work. Hopefully this time I’ll get it together.

Today was my first day of school and it was pretty good. Only minor complaints.

I know this isn’t really a real post, I just wanted to say that I’m back! And I will be posting regularly again!


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