things i used to do/think/say (part one)

Hello! As promised I have an extra post! There will be another post that’ll be up by tomorrow night.

I’m 14, which means I’m in that awkward stage of life. I do say and think a lot of stupid things still now (which is why this is part one). But I decided to make this post all about some of the stupid things I did, thought, and said when I was a “tween,” which I thought was such a cool term back when I was 11. A lot changed about me 3/4 years ago and it will be really different 4 years from now.

1. “Babyish”

I sadly and embarrassingly used to use this term all the time. I used it to describe clothes, TV shows, and hairstyles. I used it until I was probably 12-ish. Embarrassing that I was 12 only 2 and a half years ago. I didn’t realize then how immature it made me sound.

2. “Dora is such a baby show!”

Thanks Captain Obvious. Because we needed you to tell us that a Nick Jr. show was for young kids. I also said this about Barney and 90% of all other Nick Jr. and Disney Junior.

3. “Justice is for little kids and I hate it!”

*Sigh* I started saying this after I passed that threshold of being interested in children’s clothes into teen/junior’s clothing. I used to really, really love Justice. It was colorful (and expensive) and I thought it was just so cool to have clothes from there. But once I turned 12, I started completely hating my closet and wanting “teenagery clothes.” Then I started hating on Justice and the clothes. I did this until probably a year ago (yikes).

4. “I’m so inappropriate”

I thought I was oh so dirty-minded in 5th grade. I hadn’t even heard of Urban Dictionary.

I know this post was soooo short but I want to make more of this series to make up for my lack of posting. I hope you come back tomorrow for another post!