pool essentials

Hello everyone! I disappeared without any warning last week, but that’s only because I was vacating in the Outer Banks! It was a lot of fun, and my family always vacations there, when we go. I get a splinter every year, and I didn’t fail to get one this time (BUT IN MY HAND, I WORE SHOES THAT TIME). My grandmother had to console me as my two aunts did “surgery” on my hand to get the little splinter out, since it was stuck completely under my skin. It almost looked like someone injected it into my hand. I also got impaled again…but that’s a story for another time!

This week I promise I’ll make up for me missing last Monday. I’ll make a post about what I did on vacation, as well as storytimes (from vacation and other times in my life), and maybe some other fun little posts in between. I have a lot of ideas under my belt.

Today’s post is all about the pool and the essentials you’ll need. Most of these apply to the beach as well, but the beach was NOT a fan of me last week, so I am sticking to the trusty pool.


1. Bathing suit

This is a no-brainer. There are plenty of stores and sites that sell bathing suits. Amazon has a lot of cheap bathing suits. I got a Triangl brand knockoff on Amazon. That style of bathing suit that they sell is my absolute favorite.

Here is a link to the bathing suit I got. It’s not the same company, but it’s probably better because of the many color choices.

Here is the second bathing suit I got. More high-waisted than my high-waisted shorts.


2. Towel

Self explanatory.

3. Cover-up

I tend to wear clothes as a cover up but it’s so much easier to just put on a flowy dress. Wait. I just realized that my essentials might be a bit girly…oh well, who said guys can’t wear dresses? You can also wear a long shirt.

4. Flip flops/sandals/swim shoes

Self explanatory.

5. Book or magazine

For those pool breaks (or adult swims if you’re under 18).

6. Sunglasses

To block the sun. You can use them for decoration if you can barely see (like me).

7. Goggles (optional)

So you can see underwater. Can give headaches if too tight.

So this post may have been lacking in interesting-ness but I will have at least 3 other posts this week for you to read. Thank you for reading!!





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