pool essentials

Hello everyone! I disappeared without any warning last week, but that’s only because I was vacating in the Outer Banks! It was a lot of fun, and my family always vacations there, when we go. I get a splinter every year, and I didn’t fail to get one this time (BUT IN MY HAND, I WORE SHOES THAT TIME). My grandmother had to console me as my two aunts did “surgery” on my hand to get the little splinter out, since it was stuck completely under my skin. It almost looked like someone injected it into my hand. I also got impaled again…but that’s a story for another time!

This week I promise I’ll make up for me missing last Monday. I’ll make a post about what I did on vacation, as well as storytimes (from vacation and other times in my life), and maybe some other fun little posts in between. I have a lot of ideas under my belt.

Today’s post is all about the pool and the essentials you’ll need. Most of these apply to the beach as well, but the beach was NOT a fan of me last week, so I am sticking to the trusty pool.


1. Bathing suit

This is a no-brainer. There are plenty of stores and sites that sell bathing suits. Amazon has a lot of cheap bathing suits. I got a Triangl brand knockoff on Amazon. That style of bathing suit that they sell is my absolute favorite.

Here is a link to the bathing suit I got. It’s not the same company, but it’s probably better because of the many color choices.

Here is the second bathing suit I got. More high-waisted than my high-waisted shorts.


2. Towel

Self explanatory.

3. Cover-up

I tend to wear clothes as a cover up but it’s so much easier to just put on a flowy dress. Wait. I just realized that my essentials might be a bit girly…oh well, who said guys can’t wear dresses? You can also wear a long shirt.

4. Flip flops/sandals/swim shoes

Self explanatory.

5. Book or magazine

For those pool breaks (or adult swims if you’re under 18).

6. Sunglasses

To block the sun. You can use them for decoration if you can barely see (like me).

7. Goggles (optional)

So you can see underwater. Can give headaches if too tight.

So this post may have been lacking in interesting-ness but I will have at least 3 other posts this week for you to read. Thank you for reading!!





My first ASL event

As I am writing this, I am shaking with nervousness. I’m on my way to my first ASL event ever. If you didn’t know this about me already, I will tell you now: I love ASL. ASL stands for American Sign Language. I’ve been interested and have sort of known it for years, but this year is my first year officially learning it.

Today I’m going to a Silent Lunch. There’s going to be deaf and hearing people there. No one’s allowed to speak. Only sign.

I have been cramming so many last-minute signs into my head. Thank god I’m going with a friend or I would explode from nervousness. I’m only nervous because I’m afraid I’ll be super lost because of my weak ASL vocabulary. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited. That doesn’t change my nervousness, though. So here I go, about to leave and go to this lunch. Let’s pray that the nervousness doesn’t overcome me.


I’m back! It went so much better than I expected! I was so nervous, which was pointless. Everyone was so nice, and my friend is a beginner to which helped. I am quite talkative, which made it hard to stay quiet sometimes. I noticed that I had to change a lot of my sentences. By this, I mean I had to change how I worded it, or if I was going to say it at all. I used an ASL app to help out a little for when I had some hard to remember signs I had to refresh.

Since it is a foreign language, sometimes I just had to smile and nod in response to some people.

The entire “no talking” thing wasn’t too enforced. Like if I had forgotten a sign or it was too hard to sign, I could whisper it or say it to my friend. I whispered something to her twice, I’m pretty sure.

The place we went had great food. I spent the entire day wanting more of their pizza.

So in all, it was really great. I had a lot of fun and it was a really cool learning experience.

This post was way shorter than I was expecting, so I’ll add in some back story on how I got into ASL.

So a few years ago, in 2014, I started watching the ABC Family [now Freeform 😡 ] TV show, Switched at Birth. The title is pretty self-explanatory, but one of the biggest main characters is deaf. There’s a lot of deaf characters, and all of the episodes have so much ASL in them. By the end of the first episode I was hooked. I was hooked not only on the show, but ASL. I thought it was so cool, that you can speak an entire other language, only with your hands, body language, and facial expressions. I thought it was so awesome.

I started going on YouTube to learn the alphabet and how to count to 100. Then I hunted for some good ASL websites and apps to help me learn. I found so many cool websites and YouTube channels with so much information. I also found an awesome side of YouTube. It has ASL covers! Covers of songs I knew and listened to. I still watch ASL covers all the time, today. My first ASL journey was the 2014 school talent show. I was so nervous. This was around the time that the Disney movie Frozen was popular. I was doing a life ASL cover to Let It Go. As I look back on it, I noticed that I didn’t have very good facial expressions or emotion, but it was my first time performing ASL and I was very nervous. The most comforting part about this was the fact that if I messed up, no one would notice.

I fall in and out of interest in things but I always come back to the things I love. I usually go through obsessions in phases. Sometimes it’s gymnastics (I was most obsessed in 2012 around the time of the Olympics), sometimes it’s writing (what am I kidding? It’s always writing), sometimes it’s playing the piano, sometimes it’s hair, sometimes it’s makeup (like right now), sometimes it’s clothes. It all depends on how I’m feeling. I get way more into ASL when I watch Switched at Birth or ASL covers. I even was considering starting to do ASL covers on the app Musical.ly.

ASL is something I really want to get serious about. This year is the first year I’ve been taking a class. I have 2 apps, an ASL dictionary book, and multiple websites and YouTube channels. If you’re starting ASL or would like to start (which you should! It’s totally worth it), I would suggest looking up some ASL covers and maybe even trying them out yourself! They’re very helpful when remembering signs and learning grammar and things like that.

I hope you all enjoyed my post this week and I hope you return next Monday!






I am more organized than this, I swear (not really) but I actually don’t know what I’m posting. I never know what to post on Mondays. Even though that’s my day to post. I keep trying to write posts in advance but that won’t work. I always end up deleting those posts or not liking them. I honestly have no clue what to write about. I looked on Bloglovin’ for 10 minutes, a list of 101 blog post ideas, and asked my mother and a friend what I should write about. Nothing was clicking and I really don’t want to post something I’m not happy with. So I’m being honest. I bet you I’ll end up publishing a post I really like and it’ll be on a Wednesday or something because I “just can’t wait,” and I’ll end up not having any idea what to post on Monday.

So I want to start a project but I’m not sure what it’ll be. When I figure it out, I’ll document the entire thing here. I also should probably exercise…and get more organized. Meh, I’ll get organized next school year.

The school year is coming to a close and I’m very excited to pretty much swim all summer.

What even is this post. I’m so sorry. I will make a much better post on…Thursday. I was going to say Wednesday but I have no time to write it before then. Again, so sorry about this pointless, short post. I hope you return!

what’s on my iPhone

Welcome back to my blog! If it’s your first time here, hi! It feels like I was just here…because I was. I’ll make sure this one goes up in time. Today I’ll be talking about what’s on my iPhone! A type of post that’s very popular on YouTube. But since I’m not an in front of the camera type of person, I will be talking about the apps I have right now. I say right now because I download new apps everyday (which isn’t very common apparently).

The type of phone I have:

Rose gold 6s. It IS NOT PINK,  EVERYONE! In some lights it is gold, in others it’s a light pink-y color. NOT PINK. Anyways, it’s a good phone and I like it. 3D Touch is cool and this isn’t new but this is my first phone with fingerprint recognition and it saves so much precious time.

So let’s start with my favorite app.

Spotify! I love it so much! All the music I want, when I want. I started off without Premium, then got the free trial and couldn’t live without. It’s a great app!

Pros: Music!!! The first 3 months are 99 cents!

Cons: Can’t do some cool features without Premium. Premium costs $10 a month, which isn’t too much.

Second favorite:

Snapchat! I think that’s my second favorite. I have sorta long Snapchat stories full of me being goofy and annoying.

Pros: Filters, can see when someone screenshots, fun stories, can easily skip through stories (mine), stuff disappears.

Cons: Stuff disappears, people will sometimes open your stories and not reply, auto-advance (IMO).



You know what it is. Much calmer than Twitter

I’m not going by favorites from now on.


You know what this is too. One of my favorite things created.


Lots of quizzes and fun articles. Not many pros and cons. Great for the times when you’re bored at 2am and don’t want to sleep yet. I took a “What Lush Bath Bomb are you” quiz today.


WordPress. For obvious reasons.


Bloglovin’. Easy to find blogs to follow and save posts to collections. Cool and fun.


Handle. Schedule and to-do list app with a calendar and email inbox. My way of tricking myself into thinking that I’m productive.


So remember when I said that I download a lot of apps. Well this is one of them. Apparently, on average, cell phone users download one app a month. I am a bit app heavy…I average 1-3 apps a day. This is my way of finding apps that are new and cool that not many people are on yet. I’m not a hipster.

This app is called HOOKED and basically, you write and read stories but in the format of a text conversation! I didn’t know that was what it was going to be about when I downloaded it, but it ended up being really cool and the stories are great. Since I tend to find new apps, when I downloaded this app the logo was different, you had to get onto a waitlist to write a story, and the format sucked, so it was harder to read the story you want. Now it’s much cleaner and everyone can write text conversation stories (which could turn into a bad thing). I recommend it.


Google! You know what this is. One of the greatest things created. Better than Bing. Old logo was better.


Starbucks app. Helpful. Great. Easy use. I recommend.


ASL Dictionary from NTID. Great app. Lots of signs. Fun.


Twitter. You know what this is. Hard for me to figure out for about 3 months. Liked it a lot after figuring out how it works. Use it frequently. Very fast compared to Facebook. Hahahaha follow me @dahliasorchid 


Instagram. I don’t know how I went so long without mentioning it. Fun.


This app is my badly raised child. So this app is pretty new, and is getting extremely popular, very fast. It’s more of an infamous kind of fame, due to the content of it and the people that have gained fame from it. Again it’s still new so the most popular person on the site has 8 million (which is a lot but not as much as Instagram, Twitter, etc.). I downloaded this app on one of my app searches last summer. I was very bored at my uncle’s house, so I was looking for music video apps. Somehow I came across the app and it seemed like just a way to make music videos. I was eager to download it, but it wasn’t at all what I expected it to be. It was a social media app. I was actually disappointed about it being social media. I also failed to read the part of the description where it said the “music videos” would be just 15 seconds long. So I was going to just delete it because I didn’t see any point to it, but then I saw dancing videos. It was the day that the Hit The Quan dance was becoming popular, so that was a while ago. I told some of my friends about it and they didn’t care about it (…until it became popular of course). So the reason I call this app my badly raised child is because of what has become of it. I don’t want to get too far into this mess because there’s a lot I could say and I’ve written so much about it already. Basically the app is lip syncing and dancing. Looks like AT LEAST 80% of the people are under 18 on the app and almost everyone on there is under thirty. It’s a cute app. Sounds harmless. Well it kind of turned into a monster as it’s gotten more popular. Ask me about it if you’re actually interested in what happened to the app but ya know, that’s a long story.


Haven’t used this app very much yet. It’s basically a social media for only your close groups of friends (your squad). It’s a lot of fun. You don’t have to worry about followers or the amount of likes you get, if you worry about that now with other social networks.

So that’s not every single app on my phone, but those are the ones I really use the most. This post was way more work than I thought but I’m glad I’m posting it on time. I hope you come back next Monday for another