It has always been on my bucket list to go to New York. It’s also been on my bucket list to see a Broadway play…well I can cross off two things now!

On Easter morning, my mother woke me and my sister up (or maybe she sent my brother to do it…my memory isn’t the best) and called us downstairs. Me and my little sister ran downstairs and weren’t expecting anything. Well lo and behold, there was a basket full of candy and 2 envelopes. I was so confused and had NO idea what was going to be inside of the envelope. Me and my sister both opened the envelopes and freaked out. On April 10th we were going to New York City to see Aladdin on Broadway!

Yesterday my mom woke me up, bright and early at 6 o’clock in the morning. I hobbled out of bed and went downstairs to get my clothes for the day. I went downstairs  because by the time I went to bed, my clothes were in the dryer and it was still running. I grabbed some black pants with a warm white sweater and some tennis shoes that are really good for walking. I was sad that it was going to be cold because I had plans to wear a dress for my outfit but I liked this outfit. I wore a light gray coat over my sweater. It wasn’t a thick coat at all, I would’ve been too hot with a heavier coat on. We picked up my aunt on the way to the train station.

The train ride was…interesting. Nice at first but wasn’t too great when my sister threw up from anxiety or motion sickness or something. She felt okay after the train ride so that’s great. We arrived in New York City around 12 o’clock. We went to the front on Penn Station to wait for my friend and her mother, when a man instantly already knew that we (my mom, sister, aunt, and I) were tourists. Crazy. When my friend showed up, we had almost 3 hours left to explore. The first thing we saw was the Empire State Building. In D.C. nothing is to be taller than the Monument, so there are no skyscrapers. Everything was huge in New York. IMG_5542[1]

Here are some more photos of the things we saw in NYC!





We had to head to the show after walking around and sightseeing a bit.

So Aladdin was amazing. The set design was beautiful, the acting was great, the music was great. Everything was great. There were some really funny parts and it was just so captivating. I was never bored. There were some parts that took a lot of engineering and it was so cool! If you haven’t seen it, you really should. It was so good. addin.png

Right after the show, me and my friend went to Sephora to just look around. I tried on a sample of this foundation that had very orangey undertones which do not look good on me. I tried to wipe it off with the palm of my hand but…well…it looked like I had a really bad spray tan on my right palm. Worse part is, the foundation was really good quality, so it refused to come off. It stayed on until 1 o’clock that night when I took a shower. I even tried taking it off with alcohol wipes but it wouldn’t budge. If only I remembered the brand. I’d recommend it then.

We went to a fancy McDonald’s I’ve wanted to go to since I was really young. It looks like the backstage of a play. I was looking for pictures for ten minutes and I couldn’t find one.

Next we searched (for longer than expected) for a pizza place. We found a Sbarro and I got some pepperoni pizza there. I love pizza. I was so sad to go home. We parted ways from my friend around 7:15 to head back to Penn Station. It was an amazing day and I can’t wait to go to New York again.

Thanks for reading! See you next Monday!




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