jams (#1)

This isn’t about different types of jam. It’s about one of my favorite things…MUSIC! I love music. Spotify Premium is one of the best gifts that I’ve ever gotten (thanks, Mom). I listen to music every single day and my earbuds are in my ears at least an hour every day. AT LEAST. I have a pretty diverse music taste. I like almost all music even if I don’t listen to it (except metal and country. Never country). So my favorite genres are pretty well-known. I like pop-hip hop-alternative. Not in that exact order. Lately I have been really jumping around in terms of music. I wanted to make a Spotify playlist but I decided to make a YouTube playlist so you can choose the specific song you want to hear if you don’t have Premium. If you want a Spotify playlist you can email me at dahliasorchid@gmail.com. But let’s talk about the songs on this playlist.

First I want to just post the link to my favorite album in a while. Mind Of Mine by Zayn is a really good album. You can listen to it here. Warning: some songs have some inappropriate language.


^my brother and my friend both thought that he actually had tattoos that young.

Now onto the actual playlist. The starter for the pop section of the playlist is an upbeat, song called Lush Life by Zara Larrson. I never heard of Zara until just a few weeks ago but I’m liking the songs I’ve heard by her so far.

Also in this playlist we have Pity Party by Melanie Martinez, LIKE I WOULD by Zayn, Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, Wild Things by Alessia Cara, Cheap Thrills by Sia, Roses by the Chainsmokers (feat. ROZES), Middle by DJ Snake (feat. Bipolar Sunshine), and Sugar by Robin Shulz (feat. Francesco Yates).

Here is the full playlist. 

was going to do a hip hop and alternative section but I realized that most mainstream hip hop songs don’t have the best language and I don’t have that many alt jams this month. But I am really like Needed Me by Rihanna but I didn’t put that on the list because it would seem out of place because of the language. It’s a really good song and I suggest you listen to it.

Right now my favorite artists are Zayn, Alessia Cara, and Melanie Martinez. They all have great songs and you should listen to those songs.

If you’re wondering why I say “jam” so much is mostly because (and you can ask my family about this) every single time a song I like comes on I say “this is my jam.” Every song.

Well that’s it for this Monday! I hope you all enjoyed this music-filled post. See you next Monday!

p.s. or maybe I’ll see you in a surprise post sometime this week. Who knows.



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