Wednesday walk

Hello guys and welcome to my blog! The day I want to post will typically be Monday, but to kick things off, I thought I’d do an actual post.
Today felt really nice, so after math and working on some homework, I went for a walk through my neighborhood. I take these walks almost daily. I was out for about an hour and the pollen had mercy on me and didn’t try to kill me like it did yesterday. I’m not very much of an outdoor person. I don’t like the bugs, but there were only some bees and flies out today. While out on this walk I decided to take a few pictures of the nature. 


I took that right outside of my house. It’s not a very high quality photo (it was taken with my iPhone camera). I used a flower identifier and it said that these flowers are called Sweet Almonds (the scientific name is Prunus Dulcis). They’re so pretty and seemed to grow overnight.

I started walking some more, and came across a woodsy area. I sat here for a bit to take a few pictures.



IMG_5379.jpgThere were a few cute benches, and a lot of grass. It’s a quiet area and really peaceful.

Now onto the playground.

I go to this playground almost everyday. It has 2 swings and I always swing for a bit while listening to music. The woods extend to the playground so I got a few shots there.


The next  photo was taken while I was swinging.


On the way back from my walk was another tree with pretty flowers.

These flowers are called Common Pears according to my flower identification app. They are like pear trees without the pear from what I can see.

So that was my mini photo-shoot! It was a nice walk, and I got a few good photos (that look better thanks to Lightroom). I hope you enjoyed this post enough to come back! 🙂



Welcome to my blog! My name is Kendra and I am relatively new to this blogging thing. I’ve used Google Blogger and made a website a few years ago (it did not work out if you’re wondering). I also have another blog that isn’t great and it’s only for a class. That isn’t the same as having a blog you can use for your own self-expression. I want this blog to really represent me and who I am as a writer and a person. This blog will be about a lot of things. I have a lot of ideas and interests and this blog is supposed to represent me, so it’s going to have a lot of different topics.

So let’s see…what are some things you’ll need to know about me? I am mostly an average teen. I love hanging out with my friends, music, movies, books, social media, the average things teens like. I also like to write (stories and scripts), filmmaking, photography, and fashion and beauty. On the other hand I’m not a typical teen. I don’t go to a…traditional school.

This is a really short blog post, I know, but we’re not quite done yet. I’m going to (TRY) to post every Monday. Possibly more, depending on if anything interesting happens in my life. I’ll be posting multiple times this week to get this blog started so please stay tuned for actually entertaining posts!

p.s. if you’re wondering about my blog name title, it’s the name of two pretty flowers (dahlias and orchids) since no name really fits this blog exactly.